I want to update everyone on the current status of the server.

First, two months ago, I restarted the server, changing from a medieval server to the usual magic vs. tech everyone knows and loves.

Currently, plugins are not working. However, I am working to fix that. It is for this reason the server appears offline according to the website. Until the plugins situation is fixed, the server status will not be posted on the website.

As for the pixelmon server, it is still 'being worked on'. Our goal is a lofty one, to put the proper pokemon and NPCs in a world that we modified to fully parallel the games. However, this is likely not going to happen, for two reasons; 1) it is a monumental undertaking, 2) nobody wants to do it. So, the pixelmon server will launch with most of the important features and a generic pixelmon spawning system. We will modify route spawing and add NPCs once the server is launched, and there is more enthusiasm.

Expect slow server change and staff response time, as I am moving across the state, and will be almost completely offline until mid-August at best (this has been going on for a while, hence my absence).

Four Years, Damn

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Nov 16, 17

Four years ago-ish (I missed the day again), this server went public.

It was November 12th, 2013. bziir and I had an ambitious goal: create a modded server like no other. In honor of TEOM's first term, it is my honor to present a basic timeline:

11-12-2013 The server launched. While it was a survival modded server, it also had elements for roleplay.

2014-06-03 Cancelled the modded survival server, and turned it into TDM.

2014-07-17 After TDM flopped, with the help of Extraisland74 (who actually made this very website), we created a pixelmon survival server. This was about the time bziir left, and I became the sole owner.

2014-08-12 The server shut down due to a lack of funds...

2015-01-26 After a five-month hiatus, the server returned. Back to the original modded survival map.

2015-02-21 The server updated to 1.7.10. This was a big deal because it was the first time we used a new world for modded survival. This means the original world lasted one and a half years. This was the single biggest change our server ever faced. Most of the mods were discontinued, and bukkit was no longer supported. Throughout 1.7.10, we used spigot, a bukkit-based system. This meant we could still use the old plugins. However in 1.8 and beyond sponge is used, which is a totally new system that I still don't understand as well as I did bukkit XD

2015-04-10 The first server event, the abandoned inn. This was the only server event that was actually completed. I have built many server events since, but not many were completed. The 2016 server had a callback to the abandoned inn, but it was in an unfinished event...

2015-04-18 The supply crate system began. While this was something bziir and I planned in the early days of the server, it was never brought into being until this point.

2015-05-04 I announced that I would make custom 3D printed figures as a product to help fund the server through Shapeways. It is still active to this day, but there has never been an order...

2015-06-16 Pokexanthos launched. This was a server that we partnered with for mutual benefit. Run by Ketiryu, this short-lived server wasn't technically TEOM, however, I ran their technic modpack and helped with administration. The server never took off and quickly died

2015-07-15 TDM launches alongside TEOM (with a new map). This was the first time we ran two servers at the same time.

2015-08-06 We change hosts (to the one we are still using today, I had no idea we switched over two years ago!). Because this host was lower cost, I launched a third server, "Vanilla". We haven't changed IPs since.

2015-09-10 TDM launches officially

2015-10-13 I launched the playtime based rank system. This system granted players better ranks the longer they played on the server.

2016-01-05 The server is reset, for the first time NOT because of a game-ending crash. This new world would last all of 2016, a first.

2016-01-28 The TDM server is shut down, and replaced with a Pixelmon server. This server was a WIP (and still is XD), and if finished, will be a roleplay type server where pokemon spawn properly in the routes and such.

2016-03-10 Vanilla factions server updates to 1.9

2016-07-03 TEOM Vanilla is shut down, and The Beginning of Minecraft (AKA TEOM Survivalist) is launched! This modpack focuses on survival in a medievel setting. It was infamous for people freezing to death and having a real hard time with enviromine. Featuring mods like smart moving, battlegear, and hardcore torches (torches burn out), this server was just definitely a step off the beaten path of our normal tech vs. magic centered theme. 

2016-10-17 TEOM Rotation is announced (replacing TBOM). This server allowed the community to decide what the theme of the server was each month!

2016-10-20 TEOM Rotation is set to Minecraft Pocket/Win10 edition (was pretty neat)

2016-11-01 TEOM Rotation is set to tekkit classic (fond memories)

2016-12-08 TEOM Rotation is set to TDM (recycling the previous TDM map)

2017-01-03 The modded survival (the main one) was reset and updated to 1.10.2 (the world we are still using as it is still 2017). This left bukkit and plugins behind for good, using sponge instead. Furthermore, Buildcraft (an old favorite) left us for good.

2017-03-25 We War On server launches (replacing the unused third server). This server was run by Orakel_, but faded over time...

That brings us to today! Since I started this server, so much has changed in my personal life. I started this server as a junior in high school, now I'm a junior in college. I started it with bziir, who I haven't spoken with in two years. I started this server aiming to make a profit, but now I cling on to it (irrationally to be honest) as a fond memory. This server is a major part of my life. I started making flansmod vehicles specifically for this server (my initial insperation was 'taint busters'. Basically the ghostbusters car, but with purple instead of red accents that would clean thaumcraft taint). My little sister (HeatherTheFirst) has played on this server from time to time. I started this server when she was in first grade, she was 6! She's 10 now! It still baffels me how long this server has been going...

So much has changed in the minecraft community as well. The main server I played on before I made TEOM was a small vanilla server called Ioncraft (it was vanilla, I only played modded on LAN previously). It was a small community-driven server that bziir and I played on together, as well as my brother and sister. However it shut down about two years ago. Many small community-driven servers have shut down as mega-servers like Hypixel and Mineplex take over the scene. It is kind of sad, and part of the reason I still lug this server along. I doon't want it to die too...

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I know most of you don't remember most of this, but hey, now you know some server history!

Another thing to note is this server has a continuous lore. It starts in the original server with BlackThorne/RedCliffe. Some of you may remember the UNU Supply Crate service, did you also note the UNU Human Preservation Project in the 2017 server? What about Neo-BlackThorne in the 2016 server? The 2015 server had a mission involving General Davis, a young woman who worked for a rebellion against BlackThorne. Her father ran the Abandoned Inn (Clark Davis), as well as the Pub (2015) and the Tavern (2016). In the Tavern there is even a reference back to the Inn and Pub. Also in the Tavern, he gives background on OakVale, and how the Tavern is the last building. OakVale is a town from the original server. Near the Tavern, there are a couple wrecked airships as well. Furthermore, at the spawn of TBOM, the same Tavern makes another appearance, predating OakVale.

2018 Server

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Oct 18, 17

As usual, the server will reset at the new year. I want to start working on it early so that we can roll out a ready-to-go server pretty quickly. Including server builds, a marketplace, NPC quests and debug anything. For this, the pixelmon server will be used (god knows it isn't being used anyway)

So, there are a couple ways we could go, and I have a few ideas:

TEOM Classic:
This is the OG 1.6.4 modpack. It had a load of cool mods that have been discontinued such as ICBM, modular force feilds, atomic science. Additionally, it is very stable (being our longest continuous world at two and a half years)

* We have a world that is pretty heavily built with several cities that would make for an interesting dynamic
* Plugins and such are already set up, ranks and all. It's literally a server right out of the box. Plus the plugins for 1.6.4 use bukkit which is really robust and offers a lot of features

* It's 1.6.4

Continue with the 'post-apokalypse' theme:
As usual, we could continue with the theme and mods we already have. With a reset we could refine what mods we have and try to puch onwards with the MC version.

* We already have a decent modpack
* People like post-apokalypse stuff

* It doesn't seem very popular...

Medieval Theme:
This would be similer to The Beginning of Minecraf twe had for a bit. It is based in medieval times. So we would have primitive weapon mods (spears, swords and whatnot) as well as light magic mods. This would be a lightweight modpack as minecraft is itself medieval-ish

* It is a fresh take on TEOM
* Builds would be simple and I already have a few

* We tried this, and it didn't work so well

So, what do you think? Make sure to vote in the poll!

ALSO: You can view the 'Old Modpacks' Thread for some inspiration. The OG modpack is Version 1.7 of The End of Minecraft while the medieval was The Beginning of Minecraft

Modpack issues

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Sep 19, 17

As some of you may have noticed, the modpack hasn't been working for new installations recently. This is because Dropbox removed their public folder functionality. Because of this, Technic was not able to use the file location (because technic needs a direct link, and the public folder was the only way dropbox could do that)

Since then, I have been working on sourcing the modpack on the website. This was odd because the zip is too large to upload directly. HOWEVER it is now working.

This may only be a temporary fix because the website has a limited bandwidth, however I will be trying to find a new system.

6.2.0 - 4-27-2017 - It's been awhile
+ Added a working flansmod port
+ Added BlackThorne Civilian (Flansmod Content Pack)
+ Added Minecraft SMP Parts (Flansmod Content Pack)
+ Added Modern Warfare (Flansmod Content Pack)
+ Added Simple Parts (Flansmod Content Pack)
+ Added WW2 (Flansmod Content Pack)
+ Added Ye olde (Flansmod Content Pack)
- Updated Biomes O' Plenty
- Updated Blood Magic
- Updated Botania
- Updated Chisel
- Updated CodeChickenCore
- Updated CodeChikenLib
- Updated Compat Layer
- Updated Craft Tweaker
- Updated Custom Main Menu
- Updated Custom NPCs
- Updated Decocraft 2
- Updated EnderIO
- Updated Ender Storage
- Updated Ender Zoo
- Updated Extra Utilities
- Updated Forge Multipart
- Updated Guide-API
- Updated Immersive Engineering
- Updated Industrialcraft
- Updated Industrial Wires
- Updated Journeymap
- Updated Just Enough Calculation
- Updated Just Enough Items
- Updated Mod Tweaker
- Updated MrTJPCore
- Updated MTLib
- Updated Not Enough Items
- Updated Project Red
- Updated Railcraft
- Updated Roguelike Dungeons
- Updated WorldEditCUI Forge Edition

Andrei Player Hey dude i cannot download your modpack on my tekkit launcher,it says to contact u so i guess?:/ pls hlp
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