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By Dr_prof_Luigi - Posted Oct 18, 17

As usual, the server will reset at the new year. I want to start working on it early so that we can roll out a ready-to-go server pretty quickly. Including server builds, a marketplace, NPC quests and debug anything. For this, the pixelmon server will be used (god knows it isn't being used anyway)

So, there are a couple ways we could go, and I have a few ideas:

TEOM Classic:
This is the OG 1.6.4 modpack. It had a load of cool mods that have been discontinued such as ICBM, modular force feilds, atomic science. Additionally, it is very stable (being our longest continuous world at two and a half years)

* We have a world that is pretty heavily built with several cities that would make for an interesting dynamic
* Plugins and such are already set up, ranks and all. It's literally a server right out of the box. Plus the plugins for 1.6.4 use bukkit which is really robust and offers a lot of features

* It's 1.6.4

Continue with the 'post-apokalypse' theme:
As usual, we could continue with the theme and mods we already have. With a reset we could refine what mods we have and try to puch onwards with the MC version.

* We already have a decent modpack
* People like post-apokalypse stuff

* It doesn't seem very popular...

Medieval Theme:
This would be similer to The Beginning of Minecraf twe had for a bit. It is based in medieval times. So we would have primitive weapon mods (spears, swords and whatnot) as well as light magic mods. This would be a lightweight modpack as minecraft is itself medieval-ish

* It is a fresh take on TEOM
* Builds would be simple and I already have a few

* We tried this, and it didn't work so well

So, what do you think? Make sure to vote in the poll!

ALSO: You can view the 'Old Modpacks' Thread for some inspiration. The OG modpack is Version 1.7 of The End of Minecraft while the medieval was The Beginning of Minecraft

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