Modpack Update

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Feb 15, 17

6.1.1 - 2-15-2017
+ Added microblock information for Chiselblocks
+ Added microblock information for Immersive Engineering
+ Added microblock information for Industrialcraft
+ Added microblock information for Mekanism
+ Added microblock information for Applied Energistics
- Updated Applied Energistics 2

Modpack Update

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Feb 14, 17

6.1.0 - 2-14-2017 - Flight and circuits update!
+ Added Bibliocraft
+ Added Custom Main Menu
+ Added Forge Multipart CBE
+ Added Minecraft Flight Simulator
+ Added Project Red
- Updated Forge
- Updated Baubles
- Updated Bibliocraft
- Updated Biomes O' Plenty
- Updated Blood Magic
- Updated Botania
- Updated Chisel
- Updated Code Chicken Core
- Updated Code Chicken Lib
- Updated compatlayer
- Updated Craft Tweaker
- Updated Endercore
- Updated EnderIO
- Updated Ender Storage
- Updated Extra Utilities
- Updated Immsersive Engineering
- Updated Industrialcraft
- Updated Industrial Wires
- Updated Journey Map (and added back to curse)
- Updated Just Enough Items
- Updated Just Enough Calculation
- Updated Mantle
- Updated Mine menu
- Updated Rougelike Dungeons
- Updated Tinkers Construct
- Updated Worldedit CUI

NikolasFrederick It's giving me a message of "Fatally missing blocks and items"

Server downtime

Dr_prof_Luigi posted Jan 7, 17

Some of you may have noticed that the server has been down for the past couple of days. I apologize for this, as it was due to my negligence. 

Initially, it was because I removed progression from the modpack, but not the server. Then I did not five the server permission to run the new world deleting progression items. I am testing it now to ensure it works.

As for ranks, there will no longer be autoranking. The ranks will go back to the old fashioned type where you pay for higher ranks. I will need to work these out perks, but as of right now, here is the names and prices (if you played the server over a year ago, these may sound familer)

VIP $5
Patron $10
Elite $20
Legend $40
Master $60
Custom (you choose rank title) $80

Dr_prof_Luigi I haven't had internet for a week, sorry for the absence, I don't know when I'll get it back, it should b...
Elykius There is something very familiar about those ranks ;)
Aidan3106 Doc if flan mod is not being use then maybe we should remove flan mod.

First off, you'll need to update your modpack!

6.0.1 - 1-3-2017
- Fixed Custom NPCs music additions
- Removed Progression Mod
- Removed Journey Map (Curse)
- Removed Malisis Doors (Causes crash if broken in claimed area)

The server is in more of a public beta than fully functional. This is because I have not found an effective autorank plugin for 1.10.2. However, I have found an ineffective one, so your playtime will still be recorded! This means you will not have some commands you will earn later on, but this also means you will have some commands you normally wouldn't. We are working to solve this as quickly as possible, but we wanted to open the server so you guys could play in case this took too long!

Also, there is some work to be done with other plugins, such as the economy plugin which is giving players $20 randomly, however I will leave this for now, as a bit of a payday for playing while there are still some issues!

Aidan3106 There a error still.
Maximuhs Anyone else getting a server still starting error? Or I am just unlucky catching the server while it's still booti...
Dr_prof_Luigi Oops, forgot to remove progression on the server XD It's fixed now!

Well folks, this is it. I am officially shutting down the 1.7.10 main server for the last time.

1.7.10 has had a good run, there were a lot of great mods. But it is time for 1.10.2!

The new server will be lacking some iconic mods unfortunately, such as Thaumcraft, Ars magica and Flansmod vehicles (They're too buggy). However the server will have new mods as well, the most notable being immersive engineering and blood magic!

As usual, the old world and mach server will be available for download on our old maps archive. This is our biggest map yet.

The new server should be ready to go by January 2nd 2017, but I hope to get it up by tomorrow.

AxNinjaX RIP 1.7.10. I will fondly remember my first days as a member of the server, carving out an empire at bedrock and drainin...
beez1717 Do you have any idea when the modpack will become available?
Maximuhs I'm sure you are not interested in more mods, but have you looked at any alternative vehicle mods to Flans? I see ...
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