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This will direct you to the thread that shows how to install the TEOM modpacks
This is where we will update you on every thing.
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By Blitzbrieg Dec 17, 15
This is where we shall be updating you guys about events that are planned to happen.
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Dec 16, 15
All the info you need about how to become staff, the job of various staff members, and staff rules.
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By Egglanoir Feb 16, 17
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Tell us about you.
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By Egglanoir Feb 2, 17
You can talk about anything here as long as its allowed by the rules.
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Oct 17, 16
Tell us about the game play and what map or maps you would like to see in here.
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Jan 20, 17
You can Take screen shots or videos that you put on YouTube and post them here!
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By DARK3063 Dec 22, 15
Share different mods, skins and resource packs you like here!
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By DARK3063 Dec 11, 15
This is all about flans content packs, mostly creation, post your content pack here!
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By Dr_prof_Luigi May 19, 17
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Everything and anything specific to the Magic vs. Tech Server.
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By Aidan3106 Oct 28, 17
Everything and anything specific to the Pixelmon Server.
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Feb 18, 17
Talk about, and vote for, the rotation server!
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Jan 25, 17
We War On has its own forum, and is run by a separate staff!
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How to install the required modpacks
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By thetrueyou Mar 16, 16
need to inform us about something or someone?
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Mar 7, 18
Need help tell us here.
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By thetrueyou Sep 26, 16
Got banned for the wrong reason tell us here and we will consider it.
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Feb 13, 15
Report a rule breaker here!
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By AxNinjaX May 2, 15
All public files you could need regarding our fair server, including old worlds, old modpacks and more?
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Apr 17, 17
This is a guide to many of the mods on The End of Minecraft.Make your own guide, or show how to make cool creations!
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By Dr_prof_Luigi Oct 5, 17
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